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Individual Medical Care Funding

Over the past several years, our medical fund has provided for the care of many sick children across Iran.  Here in the US, we have supported families who have brought their children to US for treatment under the National Institute for Health’s (NIH) compassionate program by assisting in housing, food and other needs.  A few examples of our funded projects are noted below:  


  • Blood transfusions for a young cancer patient 

  • Cochlear Implant for a child’s hearing loss 

  • Heart disease treatment procedures for a young girl from Lorestan

  • Foot surgery of a child’s father in Karaj to enable him to walk.

  • Funding for bone marrow transplant match for Alireza, through the National Bone Marrow Donor Program in US and its transport to Iran.

  • Funding toward a heart transplant for Behzad in Florida

  • Surgery for scoliosis of a young man who came from Iran to his family in California.

  • Infant eye surgery in Boston to prevent blindness.

  • Brian injury treatment support in Maryland for a young artist who was a victim of a climbing accident in Iran.

Semnan Tomography Equipment



COP provided a grant to Razi Health Foundation based in New Jersey, in the amount of $25,000 towards the purchase and installation of the first ever tomography equipment in a Semnan, Iran hospital, to ease the burden of families for medical diagnosis and treatment.  

Bahrami Hospital

With many generous donations we were able to provide infant care equipment and devices for the newly renovated Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) Wing in the 121-bed nonprofit hospital including 14 incubators, x-ray equipment, bed warmers, 22 Patient Bed Consoles and Monitoring Equipment, sterilizer cabinets, infusion syringes pumps, pulse oximeters, lead vests, photo therapy and dialysis equipment.

Personal Assistive Devices

Many children with physical disabilities are prevented from receiving an education due to lack of accommodations which could be addressed by very simple devices.  As part of our back-to-school supplies program in the region, we expanded our efforts to include assistive devices to many children: 

  • Hearing Aid Program - Fourteen children were chosen to have their hearing tested by audiologists and 14 pairs of hearing aids were purchased and fitted for these children

  • Vision Program - Forty-six children Mamasani and Rostam counties received eye examination by an ophthalmologist, each receiving prescription eyeglasses.

  • Physical Mobility Program- Eight wheelchairs were purchased and distributed to children in Rostam and Mamasani counties.

Tehran Children’s Hospital

  • Funding was provided for the hospital’s oxygen system and necessary equipment.  With 50 beds, this is the only private hospital in Tehran specializing in the care of infants and children in Tehran.

COVID-19 Relief programs

  • A $30, 000 Grant was provided to Relief International at the outset of the crisis for provisions of supplies.  Over 1,400 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) kits that contained one mask, one gown, hand sanitizer, shoe covers, and a pair of gloves to be delivered to hospitals and health facilities across Iran. Most of these PPE kits were provided to Yakhchi Abad medical facilities in south of Tehran which accounted for the first large-scale distribution of PPE kits that they received. 

  • PPE kits for health workers in Semnan, Khuzestan, and Kermanshah Provinces.

  • Donation of ventilators to Bandar Anzali Hospital in Gilan, Iran.

Zabol Medical Clinic

The project began with identifying children in need where mothers were heads of the households and helped create income generating activities for the mothers through a local NGO. Soon we realized that children, when they fell ill, had no place to go. Thus, began work on Zabol Medical Center.  Completed in 2008, the clinic is in the Village of Vasalan, near Zabol in Sistan va Baluchestan Province.  While the operations are currently scaled back due to lack of general area resources, at its opening and for several years following, the full-service medical clinic served 100+ a day thru primary care, women and children's health services, eye care, dental care, onsite laboratory and pharmacy.  It also provides overnight accommodations where a few visiting /volunteer healthcare professionals provided care.  The clinic is operated by the by Zabol Medical University under the Zahak Health Center Authority.

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