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Natural disasters are occurring with more frequency impacting lives of many.  With the leadership of our dedicated and compassionate volunteer team in Iran, and collaboration with our NGO partners, we have provided food and water, medicine, blankets, clothing, and other life necessities as the first step of our relief work to help sustain families and children in the aftermath of earthquakes and floods. Our long-term reconstruction projects after the disasters have become the flagship of our efforts to help families put their lives and communities back together. 



Earthquake Relief in Khoy, West Azarbaijan- In the heart of winter in 2023, a devastating earthquake hit the town of Khoy, in Azarbaijan, Iran, destroying many homes, municipal buildings, and infrastructure, leaving many families out in the bitter cold without food and shelter.   Our team of local volunteers provided immediate relief supplies such as food, water, and blankets to the most remote areas where little help had reached due to the terrain and level of destruction. We continue to evaluate opportunities for long-term rebuilding needs.

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